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  • Children in Custody/Parenting Time Matters
  • Children who need a representative to assess distribution in civil litigation matters

When some families go through a divorce or custody case, a court might determine that the children involved need their own voice in the proceedings.  When the court makes that decision, courts in Southeast Michigan often look to attorney Benton G. Richardson to represent the interests of those children.  For more than 14 years, Benton Richardson has been trusted by the courts to protect the interests of children in vulnerable and overwhelming situations.

When a civil matter resolves in which a minor child may have a right to a distribution of funds, a guardian ad litem must be appointed to advise the court whether the distribution is in the best interests of the minor child.  Attorney Benton Richardson has been trusted by Plaintiffs’ Personal Injury Attorneys and Circuit Court Judges across the State of Michigan for years to assess the interests of children and make recommendations to the courts regarding the best interests of children and incapacitated individuals prior to civil distributions.

If you are a party or attorney in a family law case involving the interests of a child, where the child is not being “heard” by the Court, Benton G. Richardson, Esq. is accepting appointments by Family Division Judges.  Attorneys can reach out to The Richardson Law Firm, PLLC to discuss how to have Benton G. Richardson, Esq. appointed.

If you are a civil litigation attorney and would like to use Benton G. Richardson, Esq. as a guardian ad litem for a minor child or an incapacitated individual in a distribution, please contact The Richardson Law Firm, PLLC to discuss how to select Benton G. Richardson, Esq.

Benton Richardson gets the job done.  As a Wayne County family law judge, I appointed him as a Guardian Ad Litem in difficult family law cases. He always did a thorough job, interviewing all the interested parties and witnesses and provided a full and helpful report to the Court. His keen interest in the children at the center of these disputes always stood out to me. He represented his clients in an impressive and professional manner. He knows the law and he knows how to present his case to the judge. I highly recommend him.


In my twenty years as a Family Division Judge, on Wayne County Circuit Court, I had the privilege of working with a number of Attorney Guardians ad Litem, but for my most difficult cases I always relied on Ben Richardson. Ben is outstanding in his dedication to his client, the children. He is timely and thorough in his approach to serving them and the Court. I have seen him resolve some of the most difficult and emotional situations by bringing his professionalism, his expertise and his caring to his role as GAL.

If you are looking to appoint someone as a GAL I give my highest recommendation to Benton Richardson.

Hon. Richard B Halloran (retired)